Building a credible personal brand is critical if you want to position yourself for the myriad opportunities that come with being an active participant in today's digital-first 'reputation economy'.
If you're an entrepreneur wanting to build a sustainable business around your personal brand, then having a credible thought leadership or expert positioning in the marketplace becomes doubly important.
But it doesn't just happen by chance. If you want to build visibility and influence in today's noisy marketplace, your best chance of success is to do it strategically, with genuine purpose and intent.
In this condensed Masterclass presentation, PR and content marketing veteran TREVOR YOUNG walks through his proprietary personal branding framework (called the Credible Authority Method), and explains what's required to become an influential thought-leading voice in your industry or field of endeavour.



IN JUST OVER 2 HOURS: Learn the strategic process involved in building and leveraging a visible and credible thought leader brand.

* VIDEO #1 - Introducing the Credible Authority Method

* VIDEO #2 - Empower your professional voice

* VIDEO #3 - Enhance the credibility of that voice

* VIDEO #4 - Extend the reach of your voice (your story and your message)

* VIDEO #5 - Extract value from the profile and reputation you build in the marketplace

>>> PLUS associated downloadable PDF templates and handouts  


CREDIBLE AUTHORITY MASTERCLASS - introductory launch price


CREDIBLE AUTHORITY MASTERCLASS presented by Trevor Young | Learn the strategic process involved in building and leveraging a visible and credible thought leader brand.

  • 5 presentation videos
  • PDF templates & handouts
  • [BONUS] Free download of Trevor's audiobook - Content Marketing for PR: How to build brand visibility, influence & trust in today's social age - value $27

This masterclass is designed to give you:

👉   a flavour as to what's required to become a credible, influential voice in the marketplace today
👉   a broad brush view of Trevor Young's proprietary Credible Authority Method for building a professional personal brand in a way that's sustainable and respectful.
👉   confidence in moving forward in plotting your own path towards personal brand success.


(previous participant)

"Trevor Young's School of Influence program (now Credible Authority Academy) was fantastic. He clearly knows his stuff! Trevor delivered each week of the course with authenticity and depth of knowledge.

"Each week we learnt new strategies that were realistic and doable (even for a busy business owner or career person). I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get out there authentically! Thanks so much Trevor for your time and passion."

Hi there, I'm Trevor 👋 


I'm your presenter for the Credible Authority Masterclass.

Why am I here?  I believe the world today needs more genuine, credible experts and leaders to share their experience, their wisdom, their stories and ideas.

My role, as a highly experienced PR & communications strategist, advisor and coach, is to empower individuals to stand up and stand out with their story and their message; to provide them with the tools, strategies and advice required to build their profile and reputation in a way that's sustainable and respectful.

I'm a veteran blogger and social broadcaster; you can subscribe to my newsletter Reputation Revolution on Substack, or listen and subscribe to my podcast of the same name here. My blog PR Warrior features heaps of articles going back years :)

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