Credible Authority Academy is an online membership-based course, coaching and learning community that helps subject matter leaders and owners of expertise-based businesses to confidently raise their profile, build their reputation, and grow their personal brand influence.

The Academy has been meticulously developed after decades of 'in the trenches' experience across PR and communications, social media, content marketing, media and events, and influencer relations.



Hi there, my name's Trevor aka 'The PR Warrior' - I'm the guy behind Credible Authority Academy.

Why am I here?  I believe the world today needs more genuine, credible experts and leaders to share their experience, their wisdom, their stories and ideas.

My role, as a highly experienced PR & communications strategist, advisor and coach, is to empower individuals to stand up and stand out with their story and their message; to provide them with the tools, strategies and advice required to build their profile and reputation in a way that's sustainable and respectful.

I'm a veteran blogger and social broadcaster; you can subscribe to my newsletter Reputation Revolution on Substack, or listen and subscribe to my podcast of the same name. My blog PR Warrior features heaps of articles going back years :)

Feel free to reach out to me at any time - CLICK HERE!

~ Trevor Young aka 'The PR Warrior'