I've set up Credible Authority Academy to teach and support leaders, entrepreneurs and professional experts to become credible, thought-leading voices in their industry.

To kick things off we've launched the Credible Authority Masterclass, a condensed presentation that outlines my Credible Authority Method, the framework that underpins all of my teaching around professional personal branding.

This masterclass presentation provides an overview of the strategic process involved in building a credible thought leader brand today.


  • The Credible Society (our online membership community where entrepreneurs and emerging thought leaders come to learn and support one another on their personal branding journey)
  • Credible Authority Accelerator (our flagship product, a self-paced learning program for action-takers: it's a guided deep dive into the Credible Authority Method. Includes 12-month membership of The Credible Society)

Both of these products will be available soon - watch this space!

Everything we do here at the Academy is to help you plot your own path to personal branding success!

~ Trevor Young aka 'The PR Warrior'