(in a way that's strategic, sustainable ... and respectful)

Courses, coaching, and community for genuine service-based entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and emerging thought leaders.


Build your thought leader brand and position yourself to take advantage of all the benefits that come with being an active participant in today's dynamic 'Reputation Economy'


🔲  You're a passionate and credible professional with vision, heart and stories to tell.

🔲  You know opportunities come with profile and recognition, but are unsure as to the best way to go about it.

🔲  You have a solid track record, borne from years in trenches honing your craft, your skills and expertise: but not enough people are aware of the value you bring, and it's affecting your business.

🔲  You're on social media, but not as active as you perhaps should be; you are left perennially wondering: Is this all there is? Where to from here?

🔲  You create content, but not with any purpose or strategic intent: you're constantly questioning yourself: What should I be creating content about? What channels should I be using?

🔲  You find yourself going around in circles when it comes to building a purposeful thought leader brand, but you want to do it right, and in a respectful way. But where to start?

---> Bottom line: You understand the benefits that come with being a seen as a genuine leader and expert in your field, but for whatever reason you're struggling to articulate and communicate that fact effectively, and it's affecting the potential of your business (or career).

If any of the above resonates, then you know what a minefield it can be getting quality guidance and support!


- an online membership-based training community where like-minded entrepreneurs, professional experts and knowledge leaders can come together to learn, grow and support one another

After many years coaching and consulting across a wide range of service-based industries, one thing stands out, and that is:

Business owners and accomplished professionals struggle with articulating, packaging and communicating their story, their expertise and their message on an ongoing basis.

This is particularly the case when the individual is the business, and the strength and visibility of their personal brand is everything.

Interestingly, for some reason, the more runs on the board a person has, often the harder it is for them to intentionally go out into the public arena and start proactively building their profile and reputation through content marketing and social media.

Is it an age thing?

Maybe it's because the marketplace is awash with pretenders and wannabe's who might lack the bona fides but market themselves well, and that puts us off?

Or, we are constantly held back by mental roadblocks and limiting beliefs despite the fact we're at the top of our game?

Unfortunately, the answer is not a simple one. We know we need help and guidance, we just don't know where to turn.

Faced with the onslaught of slick online marketers and self-proclaimed 'gurus' making wild promises about how they can help us build "instant authority" or "10x our business using these six secret Instagram hacks" - well, let's just say, people have had a gutful and many, potentially, just go back into their shells.

Of course, the downside to that is they are destined to remain their industry's best-kept secret, and that's not something that sits well with me.

I believe the world today, more than ever, needs to hear from genuine, credible experts and leaders who share their experience, their wisdom, their stories and ideas. And if they build a profile and grow an engaged audience from doing so, that is terrific. We're all the better for it!

But not all is lost!

Granted, today's digital-first commercial environment is complex, fast moving, and continues to throw up challenges.

We're constantly overwhelmed by information, plus the ever-increasing array of technology and online channels is enough to cause us throw up our hands in defeat. And let's not forget those bloody algorithms keep on changing. Sheesh!




I hear you.

I've been there. Many, many times!

I've lived in the maelstrom of social media marketing and digital PR for some 15 years, on top of another couple of decades deep in the trenches of PR, media and communications working with startup founders, B2B companies and major league consumer brands.

I'm also an entrepreneur who has co-founded three marketing services companies, selling two and merging one with the world's biggest PR firm.

And I've evolved professionally as well, from journalist to PR consultant, to blogger and podcaster, author, professional speaker, and now strategist, coach and mentor.

A constant, throughout that entire time, has been my progression through the worlds of media, marketing and communications, with a strong skew towards content creation. It's fair to say that my professional life is one of constant change, and this is something I've had to learn to embrace and adapt to.

BOTTOM LINE: I've been around, and I have the 'scars on the knuckles' to prove it!  Today, I am focused on using my knowledge and experience to help credible individuals (like you!) to build personal brand influence so they can start having a greater impact in the marketplace.

The Credible Authority Academy provides seasoned professionals, solopreneurs and subject matter leaders with a roadmap which they can take away and mould into a tailored pathway that takes into consideration their personal goals and circumstances.

In short, my aim is to demystify the complex world of personal branding and digital communications, and to connect the dots of how everything works. Understanding this, in turn, will help you develop a strategy that you can execute with confidence for the benefit of your brand and your business.


 - TREVOR YOUNG | PR Warrior

The struggle is real!

> Many vision-led entrepreneurs, experts and leaders struggle with getting their head clear on what content to create, and where to start with raising their profile.

Let's do this!

Training & support

> I've created the Credible Authority Academy to help you build industry recognition and grow your reputation as the go-to expert or thought leader in your field.

Let's chat more!

Credibility & influence

When you develop genuine credibility and influence, you will create greater impact in the marketplace (whatever that impact may be - commercial, societal, personal)

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Credible Authority Academy is the professional personal branding and thought leadership course and learning community that will help you realise your potential as a business owner and knowledge leader. 

It's been meticulously developed after decades of 'in the trenches' experience across PR and communications, social media, content marketing, media and events, and influencer relations.


While there is no shortage of courses that deal with a specific tactic, skill or platform, Credible Authority Academy is one of the rare few (indeed, we haven't seen any others) that puts strategic planning at its core (the 'Credible Authority Method'), integrating all the key elements involved in establishing and sustaining a genuine thought leadership positioning in the marketplace.

By gaining a big picture view of the landscape generally and what's involved, you're then in an ideal position to tailor your approach to what works best for you and your personal ambitions, not follow a tactical 'formula' that may have worked for one person, but that doesn't mean it's right for YOU.


We know that the journey involved in becoming a prominent and influential voice in one's industry or professional space is a long one. Personal branding is a contact sport and you need to be in it for the long game.

That's why we build the foundations first (via our flagship 'Credible Authority Accelerator' course), and then support you along your journey through additional (and regular) tactical training, guidance and support.




✔️ Flagship online 'Accelerator' course - self-paced learning, dripped out over 12 weeks

✔️ x30 'micro' video lessons covering:

  1. EMPOWER YOUR VOICE: Mindset and positioning - get the foundations right so you're prepared for the personal branding journey ahead; learn your key points of differentiation so you can uniquely position yourself in the marketplace
  2. ENHANCE THE CREDIBILITY OF THAT VOICE: Content and channels (owned & social media) - become your own media company; learn how to create original content that positions you as a credible thought leader in your space, and leverage social media in a way that's strategic and sustainable
  3. EXTEND THE REACH OF YOUR VOICE: Amplification and endorsement - grow your sphere of influence through earned media and influencer relations; learn how to strategically leverage other people's audiences to turbo-charge your professional profile, including building a reputation within mainstream and niche media circles
  4.  EXTRACT VALUE FROM THE PROFILE & REPUTATION YOU BUILD: Commercialisation and opportunity - profit from your personal brand; learn how to capitalise on the profile and reputation you've built in the marketplace, including the growing number of different revenue sources as well as taking things up a notch through paid media

✔️ Includes checklists and templates for you to download and use.



PLUS ... 


✔️  x1 Monthly live Q&A group call - Real-time conversations and answers to questions about all things building and leveraging a professional thought leader brand, including: content marketing, social media, and media publicity. Calls are recorded via Zoom, archived and available to members.

✔️ x1 Monthly live training - These masterclass sessions zero in on specific aspects of the Credible Authority Method. They're highly practical and interactive; sessions are recorded via Zoom, archived and available to members.

✔️ Community forum - Connect and learn from others in a safe space online; ask questions, share tips and ideas, discover new books and podcasts, celebrate wins etc.

✔️ Private podcast feed - Fortnightly audio, exclusive for members only (but available via your podcast app of choice). Stay connected to the program while on the move!

Here's what to expect:
☑️   A clear and thorough understanding of what's required to become a credible, influential voice in the marketplace today (and what you can do to make it happen for yourself!)
☑️   A detailed step-by-step roadmap for building a professional thought leader brand in a way that's strategic, sustainable ... and respectful.
☑️   Increased confidence in plotting your own path towards personal branding success, so you too can take advantage of all the benefits that come with being an active participant in today's 'Reputation Economy'.
☑️   The tools, strategies, inspiration, support and accountability required to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!


"Real world context"


"What I love about Trevor's teaching style is how he can share what we all need to think about and apply, but also do it by continually sharing the proof. From a household name to the individual content creator making their mark on the world, Trevor's insight and evidence is far reaching and puts it all into a real world context."

- Mark Masters, You Are The Media


(Are you in?)



(No lock-in contracts)

  • Flagship online 'Accelerator' course - self-paced learning released over 12 weeks (x30 'micro' video lessons)
  • x1 Monthly live Q&A group call - get your burning questions answered by Trevor and the group
  • x1 Monthly live training - deep-dive interactive online workshops
  • Community forum - Connect and learn from others in a safe space online
  • Private podcast feed - Fortnightly audio, exclusive for members only

Get instant access to the Academy!

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The Credible Authority Academy is a monthly subscription without any obligation to continue after 30 days. Try it out! If after one month your circumstances change, or you find the training and community is not for you, you're free to cut ties, no hard feelings. 

We know this online learning space very well. While there are some excellent ethical operators, there are also some pretty cut-throat internet marketers who over-promise and under-deliver. 

We want you to be entirely comfortable with your decision to join: little friction, no risk. Our job is to keep you interested in learning and inspired and motivated to grow and develop your skills. In a way, we're a bit like a pay-by-the-month a gym! 💪

Oh, and one last thing: this current subscription fee is a special introductory price only, and will be honoured ("grandfathered") for as long as you remain a member. This discount is for a limited time only; the monthly fee will be increased in due course, so join today to lock in the savings! 

If you're ready to take your professional profile and reputation to the next level by enrolling in the Credible Authority Academy, simply click the 'JOIN TODAY' button to join us...


Who the Academy is for


✅ Owners of service-based/advice-based businesses (and whose personal brand and reputation is important to the success of the business)

✅ Genuine subject matter experts and knowledge leaders (solopreneurs) who are running businesses off the back of their professional personal brand

✅ Experienced professionals who head up (or aspire to lead) a practice within a larger firm

✅ Individuals who are curious and open to new ideas, and understand the importance of having a strong personal and reputation in the marketplace

✅ Action-takers who are willing to invest the requisite time needed to grow their profile and their sphere of influence

✅ Passionate go-getters who want to make a difference in the world by sharing their story and their message

✅ Generous people who love sharing their knowledge and ideas with the world

Who the Academy is NOT for


❌ People who are perennially on the lookout for shortcuts when it comes to marketing their brand and their business; this is not something that fits with our philosophy and way of doing things

❌ In a similar vein to the first point above: if you're someone who thinks it's possible to build 'instant authority' in order to '10x your revenue', I can guarantee you will be disappointed with the slow-build approach that we espouse here at Credible Authority Academy

❌ Anyone not willing to devote the time necessary to effectively plan, communicate and leverage their personal brand: sustained effort will be required on your part

❌ People expecting guaranteed results: we know what we teach works, and that participants will get results, but as to what those results look like, this is not something we can promise

❌ If you're not someone who likes sharing their knowledge & ideas publicly with others, without charge

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"A worthwhile investment"

"Through Trevor's depth of knowledge and down to earth approach, The School of Influence (now Credible Authority Academy) offers just the right mix of education, discussion and case studies to give anyone interested in establishing or amplifying their reputation the tools and motivation to do so. A worthwhile investment!"

"Brilliant program"

"We all have a story. A point of view. A belief and a conviction related to what it is we do. Yet, the ability to shape and tell a story, to take others on the journey in a curated and professional setting requires guidance, knowledge sharing and direction. Trevor has unlocked a framework to curate diverse forms of content. Brilliant program."

"Strategic input is fantastic!"


"Trevor has worked closely with me on my personal brand for several years now. His strategic input is fantastic, as is his support and accountability in helping me to execute every day and week, from the content we produce, through to our social media efforts and the packaging of my brand in the form of products and services."

Tristan White, author & chief guide, Culture is Everything

Hi there, I'm Trevor 👋 


I'm the guy behind the Credible Authority Academy.

Why am I here?  I believe the world today needs more genuine, credible experts and leaders to share their experience, their wisdom, their stories and ideas.

My role, as a highly experienced PR & communications strategist, advisor and coach, is to empower individuals to stand up and stand out with their story and their message; to provide them with the tools, strategies and advice required to build their profile and reputation in a way that's sustainable and respectful.

I'm a veteran blogger and social broadcaster; you can subscribe to my newsletter Reputation Revolution on Substack, or listen and subscribe to my podcast of the same name here. My blog PR Warrior features heaps of articles going back years :)

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Get instant access to the Academy!


(No lock-in contracts)

  • Flagship online 'Accelerator' course - self-paced learning released over 12 weeks (x30 'micro' video lessons)
  • x1 Monthly live Q&A group call - get your burning questions answered by Trevor and the group
  • x1 Monthly live training - deep-dive interactive online workshops
  • Community forum - Connect and learn from others in a safe space online
  • Private podcast feed - Fortnightly audio, exclusive for members only

Got a question or query, or want a quick 'clarity call' via Zoom?


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